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Vintage 2015 ūüáļūüáł

Vintage 2015 ūüáļūüáł

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Selected Awards

GOLD - International Wine Challenge

SILVER - Decanter World Wine Awards


Year - 2015, an excellent, yet non-classic Vintage (meaning not all brands declared, but most single-quintas declared vintage).

Grapes - 18+ grape varieties, dominated by Touriga Nacional, from our estate's old (40+-year-old) field blended vines.

Terroir - schist soil, Mediterranean climate (low yearly rainfall and dry, hot summers), grade A classified vineyards. 

Winemaking - hand-picked, estate-grown grapes undergo pre-fermentation line-up maceration with foot-treading in traditional lagares for 3 days followed by 3 days of temperature-controlled fermentation to more slowly extract the grapes' soft tannins, complex aromas, and rich colors. These characteristics are preserved while aging in minimal contact with oxygen in large 7000 liter (1850 gallon) foudres before being Vintage-quality approved by the IVDP and bottled, unfiltered, within 2 years of the harvest to, ideally, age for 10+ years in bottle.

Annual Production - 4,000

Alcohol - 19.5% 


See - deep ruby with brownish highlights.

Smell - black fruit (mature blackberries, black prunes, and black cherries); elegant and complex.  

Sip - soft, generous, and dense blackberry with a touch of oak; as well as velvety tannins offering a mild, long, and persistent finish.

Enjoy -¬†now¬†or by 2030+,¬†cool (15¬įC/60¬įF), on its own¬†or in the company of¬†dark chocolate cakes, strong cheeses, friends, family, and other Vintage Port Wine aficionados/as!

Did you know? Port wines can accompany an entire meal! Younger Vintages, LBVs, and Rubies are especially suited for richer meats, strong-flavored game, and fowl, pungent aged cheeses, or those from the blue family, and chocolate, coffee or nut desserts. With 20+ years (a Tawny, or older Vintage or LBV) the Port wine takes on softer tannins and more elegance and pairs well with more delicate and creamy foods (even fish!) Do inquire about food pairing tips, we love sharing our kitchen and dining room Port wine adventures!