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Collection: Our Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) Port Wines

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For when you cannot / do not want to wait for the Vintage to "come of age" in your cellar.

LBV Port Wines are from a single, classic or non-classic Vintage (the highest quality!) harvests, pre-aged in 500 liter (130 gallon) puncheons for 4 to 6 years (hence the name "Late Bottled Vintage") before bottling for you to enjoy immediately (or age for up to 5 years). 

Did you know? Although pre-aged in smaller puncheons to expedite the process for you enjoy upon release, as our LBVs are "unfiltered" (like our Vintage Ports), they can still evolve beautifully for 5 to 8 years in bottle (unlike our Rosé, Tawny, Colheita or Ruby Ports, which can surely hold up in a bottle for a couple of years, but are meant to be consumed upon release!)

  • Late Bottled Vintage (LBV) 2018 (NEW!) 🇺🇸
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