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Our Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil is fruity and soft, yet with a bitter, peppery "kick" to it - irresistibly delicious and deliciously irresistible! 

At Quinta do Tedo we have about 5.5 hectares (14 acres) of olive trees. Our 800 olive trees range between 50 and 100 years old (older than some of our vines!) The main varieties include Cordovil, Verdeal, Carrasquenha, and Moleirinha.

The Douro Valley's arid, Mediterranean climate, very low yearly rainfall (400 mm or 15 in), and mineral-heavy, schist soils make for low yield and olive oil with concentrated flavors. We harvest the trees at the end of November, at which point the olives are very ripe (vs in Italy, they usually harvest in October, which gives Italian olive oil that green, peppery spice); all it takes is hitting the trees with large sticks to have it rain olives! The olive oil is cold-pressed at a local, organic press.

Did you know? Cold-pressed olive oil is not only more flavorful and complex (as none of its delicate, volatile aromatic are lost to heat!), but also healthier (preserving more vitamins A, D, and E; anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that promote immune, brain and heart health).


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