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Rosé Port 🇺🇸

Rosé Port 🇺🇸

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Year - produced each year since 2010. 

Grapes - Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca (traditional Port wine grapes).

Terroir - schist soil, Mediterranean climate, grade A classified vineyards.

Winemaking - hand-picked, estate-grown grapes bypass foot-treading in lagares and are immediately, gently pressed, allowing the skins a mere 2 hours of contact with the juice. After partial fermentation and fortification with double-distilled grape brandy (more neutral to preserve those delicate aromatics!), the young Rosé Port ages for 4 months in small, temperature-controlled, stainless steel tanks. 

Annual Production - 7,000 bottles

Alcohol - 18%


See - pale rose petal, flamingo legs.

Smell - delicate gooseberries, raspberries and florals.

Sip - soft and sweet red fruits; cool mineral structure; long and persistent finish.

Enjoy - now, very cold (5°C/40°F), as an apéritif or in a Porto Tonic at any time of day!